• Koyal
    Simply put, a moment, when she came, and the whole atmosphere changed. Especially, the Koyal went mad. Presenting a brand new track “Koyal” for […]
  • Mauka
    BCS Ragasur presents ‘Mauka’ for this Valentine Week Special that expresses the feeling of love and commitment for the special one. Credits Singer : […]
  • Gaali No Gaali
    Presenting ‘Gaali No Gaali’ our first brand new song of 2022 that expresses the feeling of Gaali coming straight out from our heart. Credits […]
  • Upar Upar Se
    Presenting ‘Upar Upar Se’, a song explaining those not so cool yet funny moments and actions a lot of us did or do during […]
  • Kismat Hai Gandu
    Kismat hi hai Gandu toh kya karega pandu? Most of us can relate with this line. We work hard passionately and with full dedication, […]
  • Chura Ke Dil Mera featuring Mocha (Youtuber)
    ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera’ , A legendary song from a legendary time. We took this beautiful song to whole another level adding many more […]
  • Kateeli Kanya
    Hey Kanyas! We adore you, we admire and love you. So this song we especially dedicate to you all awesome and beautiful Kanyas out […]
  • Lole Se Mere
    One of our earliest releases is finally back on public demand with bang on music video. About song: Too many boundations, too many unspoken […]
  • Chomu No.1
    Chomu No 1. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. A lot of us become a Chomu in love (sometime succeed too) and many of us don’t […]
  • Chutiya
    Chutiya (Hindi Slang), literally means stupid or an idiot. A lot of us got pampered a lot by this world, including our family member, […]
  • Nacho Re feat. BCS & Red Rani
    Nacho Re. Is Navratri ghar par hi nacho re. Bheed mein jaake mat failayo re raita aur corona re!! Baaki! Happy Navratri to all. […]
  • Na Kajre Ki Dhar Remake
    Na Kajre Ki Dhar, a beautiful song sung by Mukesh Ji and Pankaj Udhas Ji. We all know these two names and how amazing […]
  • Saiyan Daal Denge
    Here is a song about a girl, who left her home, her usual life to meet with her promised lover. She reaches the meeting […]
  • O Pariyon Ki Rani
    A lover can really bring the heaven to his love of the life if he really gets the yes from her. Pyaar deewana hota […]
  • Diya Tere Haath Me
    Romance mein thodi bakaiti ka flavor ho jae toh maja hi aa jaata hai ! For best experience, use speakers or headphones with good […]
  • Khol Khol Ke Pyaar | Double Meaning Song
    Valentine’s day special for you all. Pyaar khol khol ke hi karna chahiye! A funny Double meaning song by BCS Ragasur. Lyrics Hila hila […]
  • Chomu No.1 with Lyrics | BCS Ragasur
    Chomu No 1. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. A lot of us become a Chomu in love (sometime succeed too) and many of us don’t […]
  • ISKI MAA KA featuring BCS
    We all know how interesting the society and its people around us is. There are so many things we have problems with in the […]
  • Laude Lag Laye
    LAG GAYE. Our first and most used MEME song is finally released with a Music Video and with a surprise in the end. Every […]
  • Teri Chudiyon Ki Khan Khan Se | Lyrics
    Presenting a classic funny song ‘Teri Choodiyon Ki’. Turn the volume knob up to the maximum and dance like crazy as the Indian’s most […]