• RELEASE DATE /May, 22 2020
  • LABEL /Ragasur Production
  • FORMAT /Digital

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Few words

Finally a song dedicated to all girls who are really troubled with their lazy and ignorant boyfriends but still trying to keep the relationship alive, trying to get those guys out with them to have some fun and have a good time together. But some guys just don’t care!!

So Girls, we feel your pain! Personal experience hai.

Fun Fact: Red Rani, we are proud to say that this song has been featured in FL Studio 20.7 officially world wide.

Top comment

jesa aapne kl kha exactly whi tha..seriously if i had a boyfriend i m gonna love this…nd its fuckingly truth…i loved it..awsm song..i was waiting for your voice…but its okay..still loved it..hope it reaches in millions…god bless uh sir..